silence the noise

I was checking out at the grocery store the other night, and I couldn’t help but notice something I always seem to just “visually accept” at the check out counter. Maybe it’s the ideas of what ingredients I’m going to use that night for dinner, or the adding up of numbers (and realizing just how much I spend on food alone) going through my head that help to distract me. This time, however, I was in line and the lady ahead of me in line was checking out with 589 coupons (that’s an exact number by the way), thus giving me extra time to look at my surroundings.

Everywhere I looked within the three foot vicinity around me were magazines (shocking, I know) BUT just how often do you really think about that environment? Some of you maybe get excited about what new drug Lindsay Lohan is addicted to or why Suri loves her dad, Tom Cruise, more than her mom, Katie Holmes. Maybe it is interesting to find out that Kim Kardashian’s butt has a butt itself, I don’t know. But for once, I’d like to silence the noise. It’s commercials and it’s sponsored stories about celebrating the wrong celebrities who have nothing to offer the world other than a quick fix on “juicy” gossip and the life of “glamour. It’s Facebook status updates about how Kristen Stewart is a whore, or reality shows that follow embarrassing and self-deprecating housewives who call one another “friends.”

It’s loud, it’s stagnant, and it’s nauseating.

As I stood there surrounded by the shouting headlines of, “Why Jessica Simpson Really CAN’T Lose Weight!!”, “Why Angelina’s Absolutely MAD at Brad for His Bachelor Party!!”, and dozens of others that I can’t quite seem to regurgitate any longer, I really just wanted to shout back, begging for some form of peace and stillness. And turning around to Paula Dean staring into my soul while holding up a 40 pound cake in her frail diabetes hands certainly didn’t help, either.

Can someone please answer me this: what is with our (and when I say ‘our’ I really mean minus me) obsession of these celebrities and their falsified lives of superiority? And why our need to glorify it into a commodity?

Is it a distraction of our own lives? Is it something our parents instilled in us? Do we chalk it up to yet another uncontrollable and unhealthy addiction to add onto the towering list of all the others?

I have an even better question. Who cares? For the love of all things holy, SILENCE THE NOISE.

I know I’ll never understand, even if I were to receive a scientific and thorough answer. And maybe you don’t even have an answer, but maybe it isn’t the answers that will make an impact, maybe it’s just the question itself.


2 thoughts on “silence the noise

  1. Great post! I hate the celebrity culture of magazines, I really do. For part of my ALevels for school I had to analyse and find out all about Heat magazine, which also meant I had to buy a copy of it each week, read it from cover to cover and analyse it. I hated every second of it! O_0 Magazines irritate me because I can see how they’re twisting words and quotes, and how they are practically making them up but writing them in a way that prevents them from being called on it.
    What I hate it even more though…is that sometimes curiosity gets the better of me and I do get lured in by some clever headline, even though I know logically that it’s going to be utter rubbish. All I can say is that we are a nosy species. 😛

    Really great post. 😀

    1. ThankThank you Becky! I most certainly agree, it is an awful magnetic force that even draws me in sometimes. I usually shake my head and run the other direction, after paying for my groceries of course 😉

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